• Business Technology Consulting

    for indivduals and small businesses

Business Technology Consulting

Understanding what technology meets your business needs takes time to verify and implement. Our services can find the right solution while reduce time and costs.

Zoho Business 

There are many great solutions to choose from but they don't necessarily work well together. Zoho suite of business software offers individual and small business what the need to run and support their business. 


We have to reach our customers, both the old, and the new. Let us help you put together a plan and put it into play to increase your visibility.

Business Technology Consulting

As a business technology consultant, we help individuals and small businesses identify the right solutions and implement them for their businesses. Choosing a service or system can be costly, not just in the initial acquisition but in its daily use. Most medium and large companies have the technical staff to explore, manage and educate their workforce. Individuals and small business owners are often left on their own.

The focus is to listen and understand your business model, identify solutions that meet your needs, and address issues you may be facing. Services include product identification, project management for the acquisition, setup, training, and support of the solution.

Zoho Business Setups

Like you, I was faced with selecting software to run my business, and there is a lot of them out there. One for email, another for accounting, online marketing, website, and the list keeps going on and on. This price plan, monthly and annual, all at different price points. 

Then I found Zoho, which has over 40 applications designed for businesses. It meets the requirements for all those services noted above and then some. Integration between the applications is seamless. One of the best part is the price. You can access all of Zoho products for as low as $37 a month. Of course, there are some restrictions, but for a one-person shop, this is an easy decision. 

Let me introduce you to a fine line of products so you can run your business rather than the apps running you.

Digital Marketing

It doesn't matter if you are a one persone organization, small business or large one.  It doesn't matter if you are online or a brick-and-mortar or maybe you're both.

In all cases to reach new and existing customers an online marketing strategy is needed to be designed and executed. 

I can help you and your business reach customers through social media platforms, not to just advertising and leave them on those platforms, but to bring them to your website, where you can show them more, sign up for more information, schedule a meeting and even make purchases. 

We will help you meet your customer's where they are and bring them in.

Your business isn't run solely by a website.
​Let us help you get the right technology to address what you need.

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